5 ways to stay on track this weekend!

Graduation Parties, Summer BBQ’s, Pool Parties, Birthday Parties….Summer time is filled with lots weekend activities that can distract you from your health and fitness goals. Try these 5 tips to help you stay focussed this season! 

  1. Stop thinking of days as “weekdays” and “weekends”.
    Today is a Day. It is another day for you to eat right and get in a workout just like every other day. It is another day to fight for your goals! You don’t get any special “treats” for making it to the weekend, you don’t get to skip your workout because your significant other is home or you have “other things to do”. Get it done!
  2. STOP sleeping in!!!
    WHAT?! How could she?! Wake-up at the same time everyday, not only are you going to feel better physically by keeping your sleep cycle consistent but you are straight up going to rule the world because you will have so much more extra time!
  3. Plan fun workouts for the weekends.
    I love picking longer workouts for the weekends or workouts that I truly love doing; it gets me excited and pumped for my sweat sessions! Pick a new trail to run, a new program to try, take a yoga class at the studio down the street. Plan it into your schedule.
  4. Eat before events.
    Events mean food…A LOT of food. Instead of being that angry girl standing in the corner pounding down celery sticks and carrots while everyone eats cake and cheese dip, eat a big salad or have a protein shake before you go to the event so that you aren’t starving and can control your portion sizes.
  5. Don’t overdo breakfast.
    Weekends mean more time to spend with family in the morning’s right? Instead of spending that extra time whipping up a huge breakfast, spend the extra time finding new healthy recipes to make together as a family.

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