Fitness Journey

My body loving, weight losing, sweat dripping, salad eating journey….


BOOM! TEN MONTHS and ONE WEEK PREGNANT. Yeah people its 10 months….a pregnancy is 40 weeks…4 weeks in a month….you can do the math. Well I was 41 weeks pregnant here weighing almost 200lbs.

I have always struggled with my body image ( show me a girl that hasn’t), but pregnancy took it to a new level. I was able to stay active until I was 7 months pregnant and my body told me to slow down. Nothing significant happened, just started getting dizzy if I did too much. So the pounds packed on. I ate healthy, never had any real cravings but the time and no exercise took a toll on my body.

After Ellie came into the world I was in shock. I packed pajamas for after birth and they didn’t fit…everyone told me after the baby comes out you will shrink down!! LIES! I was wearing maternity clothes till I was four months postpartum. When I was pregnant I told myself I would be back to my pre-preganacy weight after three months. HAHAHAA! SILLY NOT-A- MOM-YET LAUREN.

Alright this is me four months postpartum. I was 153lbs, I started doing PIYO ( a yoga and pilates combination workout from beachbody) about three times a week. My nutrition was about 60/40, 60% good food, 40% bad. I for sure eat my feelings so feeling depressed and overwhelmed as a new mom I took comfort in bad food.

Alright fast forward to August 2016, I lost about 15 pounds with a few months of PIYO and really cleaned up my eating. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted though. The top pictures were before I committed 100% to shakeology and a workout program. I bought 21 day fix extreme and 30 days of shakeology. I was a skeptic. All these years I had been killing myself at the gym and you are telling me that a shake could have helped me? NO WAY. I just wanted to mark this off on the list of “things lauren has tried to lose weight”. Well…it worked….not only did I lose 6 lbs and 11 inches but I felt amazing( bottom pics, sorry for the tan lines). I had so much more energy and absolutely no cravings. It was a life I never thought was possible. What really sealed the deal? My husband telling me that I ” look really good and seem so much happier”.  You know what? I was happier, I did look really good! I was so proud of my body! My clothes were actually getting loose….what an incredible feeling!

So here I am now…(don’t mind the crazy pirate face, I am a lil weird) as they say I have “drank the beachbody koolaid” and there is no going back. My only regret? I wish I would have found this sooner, I wish I would have known that I have the discipline and ability to get the confidence and now career I have always dreamed of. I get to inspire people on a daily basis, I get to tell them that they are worth every drip of sweat! Every salad eaten! Every inch loss!!

Thank you for letting me share my journey. If you want to make a change please e-mail me! Want just some motivation everyday? I will text you! I just want people to be happy. We have this one life, we owe it to ourselves to completely rock it! Want to make this a career? Join my team!

Change starts with one e-mail, one phone call…one dream. Lets do this!

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