Playdates and Weights

What is this program?

It is a group circuit training class that is focussed on taking care of our mom bodies!

What does it include?

•We do corrective exercise which helps relieve the aches and pains that we deal with daily

•We will be using weights to help reduce body fat percentage and increase lean muscle

•I will be opening time slots for 3-5 women to come train with me at my house and kids are WELCOME.

•I will provide toys, crafts, and activities for the kids based on their age.


Since having Ellie finding time to care for myself has been a struggle, as I am sure it is for most moms. My husband works an insane schedule and Ellie is practically glued to my hip so when it came to gym daycares or babysitters neither were really an option. You know what I do have time for though?
Run my kid ragged!? Yes please!  Talk with other moms about how crazy we feel sometimes!? Yes again. So why not combine it with some self-care? I am certified in personal training through NASM and in prenatal and postnatal exercise through Fit for Birth.

Pregnant, postpartum and baby-wearing mamas are all welcome!