Shakeology- Why I am obsessed

“Why are you so obsessed with that shake?” words from a friend of mine….well let me tell you WHY I am so happily obsessed with this shake.

For many years I have struggled not only with my weight but with my digestive system as well. TMI TIME!! I have struggled with IBS since I was a teenager and spent years trying different diets, protein shakes, vitamins, supplements….anything that would help prevent me from getting a stomach ache after each meal. None were successful or sustainable. I tried to be vegan, vegetarian, paleo (which I still am to a certain extent), cut out gluten, then dairy for a bit….I never found a way to sustain the lifestyle that prevented my stomach aches….until I tried shakeology.

I tried every plant based protein that Whole Foods offered and they either tasted gross or didn’t fill me up at all, I was always left wanting more.

I was a total skeptic at first (we all are) and I most certainly did not want to be paying THAT price every month for a shake but guess what….it freaking worked. Not only did I have a ton of energy but for the first time in my life I felt full during the day…I didn’t have cravings…It didn’t give me a stomach ache in fact it allowed me to eat more raw vegetables due to the probiotics in it. It filled me up and prevented me from eating the foods that DID hurt my stomach and THAT was a miracle to me. 

So not only did it help me take control of my diet but it has an insane amount of nutrients and vitamins in it, here is a lil breakdown


So why am I obsessed? IT CHANGED THE QUALITY OF MY LIFE. I now invest in my health, it is a priority for me. I know that every time I put that shake in my body I am going to feel better, look better and have more energy. It has helped me reach goals physically and mentally so much faster then ever before.

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