I love me some good motivation!! Thought I would share some of my favorite quotes that keep me going! ❤



My daughter will be different

You are a woman so you will struggle with your weight your entire life…This concept was driven into my brain from a young age. I watched TV shows that showed woman constantly trying to lose 5lbs or trying some crazy diet to get “skinny” for their date or what have you. I watched my own mother try diet after diet and fluctuant in weight her whole life. As I got into my teens I participated in diets and workouts with my friends and family members because as a woman this is what you do. I struggled. I toyed with every eating disorder throughout high school but wasn’t convinced they worked.  I did juice and tea cleanses, spent hours at the gym, drank nothing but coffee and ate one meal a day for a long time.


Because I didn’t know anything different. Because this is all I had learned and all that society supported.

Until now. Now I know. At the age of 25 I finally have a healthy relationship with food, my body and exercise. I have found balance. I did the research and I put in the effort every single day and you know what? It freaking works. My lifestyle is so easy to maintain that I have no doubt in my mind that I will be doing this for the rest of my life.

Because of my lifestyle I know my daughter will be different. She isn’t going to grow up seeing her mom struggle. She won’t hear me say I am having a “cheat meal” or that I am going to “give in” to bad food because that is not a game I play. She will see my consistency and know THAT is the way to success. She will see me workout every single day and eat healthy every single day. She will know that just because others choose to struggle it doesn’t mean she has to. She will have the answer to weight maintenance in front of her every single day.

This is the reason I stick with it, this is what pushes me on days I “just don’t feel like it”. She is the reason and her future is what drives me.

Coach Thoughts

Thoughts on Emotional Eating

I was talking with one of my favorite clients and she was telling me about the actions she is taking in her life to better herself (LOVE IT). We were talking about how she wants to take control of her emotional eating. She did something that blew me away!

She found the CAUSE of the emotions and cut that person, place or job out of her life.

Think about it, instead of trying to take control of your emotions, take control of the situation that is causing these emotions. BAM! EMOTIONAL EATING GONE!

I call it life cleansing. Find what is causing you anger, hurt, frustration and fix it.

Have a friend that always brings you down? Either confront him/her on the negativity and try and help or distance yourself. I know many people would find this selfish but you need to CARE FOR YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN CARE FOR OTHERS. You will become a better friend, wife, and mom if you focus in on you and what makes you happy.

It takes time to retrain your brain to not run to food every time you feel sad, hurt or angry. If you can prevent those emotions as much as possible then you are limiting the amount of times you have the opportunity to turn to food for comfort.

Now I understand that we can’t all just go out and quit our jobs (what I find to be the top cause of emotional eating) however we can shift our thinking a bit. Break down your job and find the things you DO enjoy, maybe it’s coffee breaks with a coworker or talking on the phone with a certain client. FIND POSITIVITY IN THE THINGS YOU CANNOT CHANGE.

I remember when I would be driving home from my job as a daycare worker I would think about how exhausted I was and how frustrating X,Y, and Z was today, how behind I am on X, Y and Z. Blah Blah Blah. So by the time I got home I wanted to sit on the couch and be a stressed out mess while I watched TV and ate pasta.

Now if I would have known about the power of positive thinking and how the state of our mind drives our day to day life I could have saved about 15lbs of extra weight I gained doing this.

What could I have done instead?

I loved my job, I truly did, I loved every single one of the two-year-olds in my class. I loved prepping for activities I wanted to do with them, I loved talking to them and teaching their little minds about life. The problem is I never reminded myself of this, I focused on the daily frustrations instead of the whole picture.

I practice this on a daily basis and rarely find myself turning to food for comfort. I use my mind and thoughts to comfort me.

Bottom line…If you can’t cut it out then change the way you feel about it.