My daughter will be different

You are a woman so you will struggle with your weight your entire life…This concept was driven into my brain from a young age. I watched TV shows that showed woman constantly trying to lose 5lbs or trying some crazy diet to get “skinny” for their date or what have you. I watched my own mother try diet after diet and fluctuant in weight her whole life. As I got into my teens I participated in diets and workouts with my friends and family members because as a woman this is what you do. I struggled. I toyed with every eating disorder throughout high school but wasn’t convinced they worked.  I did juice and tea cleanses, spent hours at the gym, drank nothing but coffee and ate one meal a day for a long time.


Because I didn’t know anything different. Because this is all I had learned and all that society supported.

Until now. Now I know. At the age of 25 I finally have a healthy relationship with food, my body and exercise. I have found balance. I did the research and I put in the effort every single day and you know what? It freaking works. My lifestyle is so easy to maintain that I have no doubt in my mind that I will be doing this for the rest of my life.

Because of my lifestyle I know my daughter will be different. She isn’t going to grow up seeing her mom struggle. She won’t hear me say I am having a “cheat meal” or that I am going to “give in” to bad food because that is not a game I play. She will see my consistency and know THAT is the way to success. She will see me workout every single day and eat healthy every single day. She will know that just because others choose to struggle it doesn’t mean she has to. She will have the answer to weight maintenance in front of her every single day.

This is the reason I stick with it, this is what pushes me on days I “just don’t feel like it”. She is the reason and her future is what drives me.


A Mommy Mentor?


My amazing neighbor that helped me survive motherhood.

I think when you get pregnant you should be assigned a Mommy Mentor.

She tells you what to freak out over and what is normal. She shows you what you will actually need when you have a baby and what will just sit in the closet. Why is it that we are all having to find answers on blogs, social media and websites in order to find answers that other moms could answer in seconds?

It is so much harder to find women that will support and encourage us instead of judging and shunning us these days. I was lucky enough to have neighbors and a couple friends reach out to me during the first couple weeks after having Ellie. It doesn’t matter how many episodes you watch of “bringing home baby” on TLC, it is NOT the same. Thankfully these women were all a text or phone call away from answers I needed to calm my anxiety.

As I am meeting more and more moms I am finding this was not the norm. I would have lost my freaking mind if I didn’t have these women. They were so supportive and encouraged me to be vulnerable and ask questions and CRY WHENEVER AND HOWEVER I WANTED TO!

Anyways….I have a point. We all can be mommy mentors. We can all choose to support one another no matter what beliefs, opinion or politics we believe in. YOU have to be the one to take the first step, don’t wait for moms to come to you with questions. Make it a priority to reach out to new moms even if its just to listen to them vent. We all know talking to our husbands/ loverssssss is not the same.

We all know how crazy motherhood makes you so lets talk about it! How do you do this in a non-awkward way?

There isn’t one, just do it! Imagine how great it would have been to have the support when you were a new mommy and OFFER IT! I make it a point to message any new mom I see on Facebook, I don’t care if we haven’t talked in 10 years or ever, I always make it a point to be there for them if they need it. I am not an expert AT ALL but I sure as hell know what crazy feels like and its always better to be crazy together 🙂