Steps to creating easy, simple, healthy baby food.

I feel like with all the latest products on the market now “homemade” baby food is seen as strenuous and extremely time consuming but in reality as long as you eat relatively healthy yourself making homemade baby food will save you money and keep your baby healthy and happy! All of my baby food concerns and answers on how to freeze or refrigerate items were found in this book 

For the most part I followed these simple steps: 

Step 1. Roast or Steam vegetables according to any recipe you find on the web. Depending on the type of vegetable the baking and steaming times differ. I usually just made extra of anything I was eating that day. 

Step 2. Put cooked veggies in blender and add filtered water till you have a puréed consistansy. 

Step 3. Put purée in one of the three items pictured below. 

Food pouch-found on amazon
Silicone Freezer tray-can be found on amazon
Glass containers with plastic lids-bought at target. Safe for freezer and fridge
Use the book or the internet to find how long food can be stored in the fridge or freezer. Label storage container. 

Fruit for the most part has to be cooked for little babes so I would throw pears, or apples in the crockpot with water AND NOTHING ELSE, on high for 4 hours. Throw in blender afterwards and serve or store. You don’t even have to peel the fruit. 

I still to this day (my daughter is 1) don’t offer a ton of fruit to her. I would rather her get the same nutrients from the vegetables I feed her. 

I had to do a silly about of research to find this simple way to make baby food so if this helps at least one mom I am happy 😁