The reason my husband and I don’t celebrate our Anniversary

Actually we don’t celebrate any type of gift exchanging holiday including our birthdays…

Sounds a little crazy to go against society norms but it has revolutionized our marriage. It’s not that my husband and I don’t ever get gifts for each other we just don’t do it when society tells us to. We do it all throughout the year and on our own time.

There is this insane pressure when it comes to gift exchanging holidays, what are you going to get him/her? when are you going to do it? what is she/he getting you?  Is your gift going to be more thoughtful? more expensive? more exciting?


We both love getting things for one another but we do it on a random trip to target or a Saturday at the mall. We remember the little things on each others list and choose to recognize them throughout the year.

We also don’t like to base our life or our daughter’s life around objects.We don’t want her to grow up seeing that objects are the only way to show love to your spouse. 

You guys, the relief is incredible.

The pressure that it has taken off my husband has made us so much happier, he use to get frustrated because he never had the time or energy to shop. It is so freeing to stop having expectations for one another. This was very hard for me because being a woman I always thought a man should bring you flowers and chocolates and surprise you with trips to the beach….BLAH BLAH BLAH! Instead of appreciating all the great things my husband does for me on a daily basis I would focus in on this one thing….flowers. He NEEDS to get them for me…thats what men are SUPPOSE to do. Here is the thing though, my husband works long hours and 5-7 days a week. One night it finally hit me, after arguing for a bit about how he is never romantic with me he said ” I don’t want to stop for flowers, I want to come home and spend as much time with you as I can before I have to go off to work again”.


That is romance, that is genuine and authentic love, that is WAY better than flowers.

I write this on the day of our three year wedding anniversary, so happy to wake up, give him a kiss and wish him a great day knowing that there will be no flowers or chocolates but there will be lots of love and laughter when he comes home.